University life How do we protect ourselves? Dealing with anti-feminism

Open exchange round as part of the development of a protection concept for sexualized discrimination, violence and anti-feminist attacks.

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How do we protect ourselves? Dealing with anti-feminism

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Intersectional Practice und Transformation

Anti-feminism has been increasingly appearing for years against feminist achievements, equality and queer politics. This is happening in parallel with the increasing liberalization of gender policies and criticism of discrimination, racism and sexism.

Anti-feminist mobilizations do not stop at universities. In particular, when female* academics deal with questions of gender, gender identities or discrimination mechanisms in their research, they are repeatedly confronted with anti-feminist attacks.

As part of the "Positioned and visible" project, a protection concept for dealing with sexualized discrimination and violence and anti-feminist attacks at ASH Berlin is being developed in a participatory process.

Together with you, we, the project managers and the project group, would like to discuss the topic in various exchange rounds and develop perspectives for a responsible and mindful culture at the university.

The exchange rounds are open to all members of the university and offer an initial point of contact for discussing the respective topic. Interactive methods such as mapping, working with quotes or small group exchanges are used to provide impetus for the development of the protection concept.

We welcome registrations for the exchange rounds at schutzkonzept@ and would like to invite students in particular to contribute their perspectives here.

Are you unable to attend one of the events, but would still like to share your ideas and experiences with us? We (Peps Gutsche and Simone Wibbeke) can also be contacted at any time at schutzkonzept@