ONLINE, Health Prerequisites of interprofessional work in health care

Digital Salon with Julia Schirmer

Blutabnahme an einem Patienten
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Prerequisites of interprofessional work in health care


Gesundheit Interprofessionell

In this edition of the Digital Salon, Julia Schirmer discusses the following thesis: "Health professionals can only work interprofessionally when they have mastered their professional role and consolidated their identity".

The Digital Salon aims to initiate topic-based interprofessional discourse and exchange. This year, four theses from the three-country conference of the Association for the Promotion of Science in the Health Professions (May 2022) at the University of Applied Sciences Bern will be discussed in depth.

A Digital Salon is held on Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the last month of each quarter. It is open to network members and interested parties. Participation via this link

To prepare for the discussions, we recommend this article in the International Journal of Health Professions (IJHP).

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