Information event, Health Study-Nursing-Day at ASH

Dual study program in Nursing possible at ASH from summer semester 2024 - the program introduces itself!

Study-Nursing-Day at ASH

Fritz-Lang-Straße 5, 12627 Berlin

Bachelorprogram Nursing

Study-Nursing-Day at ASH in presence!

From the summer semester 2024, ASH will be the first university in Berlin to offer a dual degree course in nursing with a monthly salary. As part of the Study-Nursing-Day, the university will present its new course and offer interested parties the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the program. There will also be three trial stations where you can try out the course in practice.

You can visit these stations on the hour and half hour (1 pm/1.30 pm/2 pm/2.30 pm)

Geriatrics in the Skills Lab
Pediatrics in room H13
Mobility in room H15
General information in room H27

Site plan.

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Studying Nursing from 01/01/2024

With the new regulation on the remuneration of nursing students, the federal government is finally taking active steps to significantly improve the framework conditions. Nursing studies are being restructured nationwide as a dual study program in close cooperation with practical institutions. Nursing studies take place at three very different places of learning: the university, the academic teaching facilities and the skills lab, each with their own very specific teaching and learning potential. Lectures and seminars, intensive training in the learning lab and assignments in the diverse areas of nursing care alternate and build on each other. In order to make the course, which is very dense in terms of content, manageable, from January 1, 2024, students will receive a monthly salary for the entire duration of their studies, which is based on the salary for vocational training.

More details on the Nursing Studies Strengthening Act can be found in the comprehensive press release from ASH Berlin.