University life, Social work Tinkering theater „The co(s)mical excursion“

Another premiere in the new learning environment „Helliversum“ in HELLEUM in the course of the project opening

The image shows a section of a workshop with glass fronts on all sides, in the background two people are standing at a work line, in the foreground a document can be seen hanging from the ceiling containing instructions for decoding messages.

Tinkering theater „The co(s)mical excursion“

Kastanienallee 59, 12627 Berlin


The tinkering theater „Der Ko(s)mische Ausflug“ will celebrate its premiere at the HELLEUM on September 29. The tinkering theater is a mobile offering for elementary schools and other educational institutions that creatively addresses the big questions „Why do the planets revolve around the sun and which ones exist at all?“ „What is a black hole and what does it all have to do with gravity?“ „How do astronauts and astronauts get on the ISS and what do they do if something breaks?“

The tinkering theater is one component of the new HELLIVERSUM learning environment, which opened on September 14 and was created over the summer as part of the BMBF* Science Year 2023 - Our Universe. The project aims to connect the disciplines of education and astronomy/astrophysics for a broad interested public, while creating innovative interdisciplinary formats for science communication. At the interface „Life in Space“ the perspectives, expertise and experience of children from kindergarten age, adolescents, adults, students and multipliers are to meet. The project is divided into four sub-areas:

1. HELLEUM learning environment „Life in Space“ (learning workshop principle) for children (from kindergarten age) and young people
2. tinkering theater play „Life above Space for“ the interested public (from kindergarten age)
3. philosophical discussions on the topic of „Life in Space“ with children, young people and adults
4. accompanying further training for multipliers (teachers and other pedagogical staff).

Further information about the project can be found here and here.

The HELLIVERSUM is a third-party funded project of the ASH. The project is led and coordinated by Dr. Anke Renger and Olga Theisselmann.

All friends of the HELLEUM are cordially invited to the premiere! Please register at info[at]

* BMBF stands for Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Federal Ministry of Education and Research