Teaching Mobility

Erasmus+ Staff Teaching Mobility Funding (STA)

The Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission provides a relatively simple opportunity for teachers at the Alice Salomon University to teach for a short period at a European partner university. The following is information on the programme for the Erasmus+ year 2016/17.

Objectives, and categories of those who can apply

The Erasmus+ programme promotes transnational cooperation in Europe and the exchange of expertise through guest lectureships at ASH Berlin’s partner universities. It supports the personal and professional development of lecturers. At the same time it promotes a framework that allows the participants of the programme to get to know a different European teaching and research system.

Where possible the development of joint study programmes within the partner universities, as well as the exchange of teaching content and methods, should play a role.

Another aim is to allow students who have no opportunity to study abroad to benefit from the expertise of international lecturers in their home university.

The course should be integrated into the curriculum of the partner university, or the existing curriculum supplement (for example in the form of a block seminar).

The following groups can apply:

  • teachers who are in a contractual relationship with the university
  • teachers without endowment
  • lecturers with contracts for specific work
  • emeritus professors and retired teachers
  • scientific staff (wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter_innen)
  • personnel from foreign organisations can also be invited to teach at German universities, provided funds are available for this.


Teaching visits within Europe usually last between two days (minimum requirement) and one week (excluding travel times). If funds are available, visits can be extended up to 2 months. The teaching should comprise at least eight hours per stay, or per week or part thereof (e.g. 3 day stay - 8 teaching hours; 5 days - 8 teaching hours; 8 days - 16 teaching hours).

  • There should be an Erasmus+ agreement (interinstitutional agreement) including teacher mobility between ASH Berlin and the host university
  • Mobility should be agreed upon with the International Office, financial resources are available
  • The course or part-course should be agreed upon with the host university before the start of the teaching stay

 Mobility grant

The mobility grants are no longer calculated according to the Federal Travel Expenses Law but by the EU-defined "unit costs" for travel and living expenses.

An overview of travel and living expenses is in Appendix 1.

Application / documents

Before departure:

  • Consultation with the International Office regarding the planned visit and available funds in the current academic year (contact Irene Gropp)
  • Delivery of mission proposal to the International Office. Forward with confirmation to External Funds department.
  • Grant Agreement (will be sent after consultation with the International Office)
  • Teaching Mobility Agreement: Please complete and submit with original signature to the International Office

Upon return, the following are to be submitted to the International Office:

·        Confirmation of the host institution (Certificate of Attendance) of the teaching performed (original document) showing number of hours and days taught

·        Online report on the teaching trip: after your return you will receive a prompt request via email to submit an electronic report in the online "Mobility Tool" of the European Commission. You have 30 days to complete this.

·        Filing of expenses with Mrs. Frank, together with supporting documents. After submission of supporting documents and completion of the online report you will be paid the final instalment of the grant.

Special promotion

Under the framework of Erasmus+ special grants can be paid. For the STA mobility programme, this applies to single parents, participants with a disability of at least 50% and people who in general have special needs. If such needs are accepted, the special funding amounts may exceed the aforementioned maximum total. A retroactive application of these subsidies is generally possible.


Teachers without permanent employment at the ASH have to provide sufficient insurance coverage themselves. Please fill out the attached insurance declaration and submit it with the other documents.

It should be noted that lecturers, emeritus professors and similar groups are not covered by the university or the Erasmus+ programme for liability insurance, accident insurance or health insurance during their stay abroad.

Since the funding provider is not liable for damages (neither the European Commission nor the DAAD Bonn nor the ASH Berlin) arising from illness, death, accident, personal injury, loss or damage to property in connection with the Erasmus+ period abroad, it is generally recommended that for the duration of the teaching visit the following insurance is taken out:

  • Travel insurance with repatriation from abroad
  • Accident insurance with foreign protection
  • Liability insurance with foreign protection

There is the opportunity to participate in DAAD group insurance at your own expense. Health, accident and liability insurance are included. Further information can be obtained from the insurance contact point of DAAD.

Please note: A direct application to the European Commission or the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is not possible.

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Head of International Office

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Video- and/or audio conference available by individual request.

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