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Evaluation Language Promotion

Evaluation of the Fairy-Tale-Land Project "Language Promotion with Fairy Tales for Preschool Children in Child Daycare Centres"    

Project duration: 01/10/2017 - 31/01/2018

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kollak

Project staff: Dr. Stefan Schmidt, Steven Kranz


For the Fairy-Tale-Land project a process evaluation is planned to examine whether all project tasks are being fulfilled, and whether the planned expenditure is appropriate for this task list. The project can thus be supported and legitimised by the review of the planned work and resources used.    

The most important resource of the planned project is the co-operation of the experienced project team. On one side are the language advisers and the staff in child daycare centres, who are already active in language promotion and know the children. On the other side are the artists and the experienced German Centre for Fairy Tale Culture. The short project duration will be a challenge.    
The dates for the collection of the data relevant to the process evaluation are based on the planned workshops and performances. The necessary tools - interview guidelines and questionnaires – have to be developed for this current evaluation, which will benefit from the experience gained during the evaluation of "narrative fairy tale mimes" within the framework of the Saxony Fairy Tale Weeks 2015. 

Funding:  Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family

Keywords: Language Support with Fairy Tales, § 55 Berliner Schulgesetz, Evaluation of a Fairy-Tale-Land Project

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