Boys' Education and Prevention of Sexualised Violence – Potentials and Challenges of Masculinity-Related Youth Work, Sex Education, Prevention of Sexualised Violence as well as Queer Education (Focus: "Sex Education and Queer Education")

Project duration: 01/04/2018 - 30/06/2021

Principal investigator:  Prof. Dr. Jutta Hartmann

Project staff: Mart Busche, Bernard Könnecke (Dissens), Malte Täubrich (Dissens)


The overall aim of the project is to further professionalise the pedagogical services offered in these four fields of practice: boys' work, sex education, prevention work on sexualised violence and queer education, with regard to the prevention of sexualised violence against male children and adolescents, in a qualitative practice research process. To this end, the specific potentials and challenges of the services offered by eight practical partners from the mentioned fields are analysed based on the findings gained in the project "Disclosure and Prevention of Sexual Violence against Male Children and Youth" concerning the thematisation and prevention of sexualised violence against boys. In a joint reflection process ("reflecting group"), these are played back in a transfer of scientific practice to the practice partners and fed into the further development of pedagogical concepts. The reflecting group also includes the interlinking of the four fields and the identification of intersections and gaps between them. Thus, through a practice-practice-transfer, further insights can be gained which contribute to a deeper professionalisation in a synergetic process.

The project at ASH Berlin focuses on the practice fields of sex education and queer education.

Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Keywords: Boys' Work, Prevention, Sexualized Violence, Sex Education, Queer Education, Gender Pedagogy