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Social Work with Girls* and Boys*

Practical Research Project on Social Work with Girls* and Boys* as Part of the Project "Right-Wing Extremism / Group Focused Enmity - Prevention from the Perspective of Gender"

Project duration: 01/04/2015 - 31/12/2017

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Esther Lehnert

Project staff: Enrico Glaser


  • Fachstelle Gender und Rechtsextremismus der Amadeu Antonio Stiftung

The central question is whether and how girls* take part in discrimination and what role the category "gender" plays. Against the background of a "double invisibility" of girls* and women* in right-wing extremism, the relevance of this phenomenon in the area of group focused enmity (GMF) and the debate on the subject of girls* and discrimination is questioned. In order to pursue this hypothesis, qualitative expert interviews were carried out with specialists in the field of social work with girls*, political education and street work as well as group discussions with girls'* groups. Subsequently, interviews were conducted with specialists in the field of social work with boys* and political education. On the basis of findings from the qualitative surveys, sound statements for practice and theory are to be drawn up, thus contributing to the development of best practice.

Funding: Amadeu Antonio Stiftung

Keywords: Gender, Social Work with Girls*, Prevention of Right-Wing Extremism, Discrimination

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