Combining work and family life

ASH Berlin supports all employees – administrative staff, student employees and teaching staff – with combining work and family life. An overview of statutory regulations and internal university policies on part-time work, maternity leave and parental leave can be found here: 

Pregnancy and maternity leave

During pregnancy and after the birth of the child, all employed women are subject to special protection. The legal basis for this is the Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz). It protects pregnant women and mothers from dismissal and financial losses. The legislation also protects expectant mothers and unborn children against health risks in the workplace. For employed women, maternity leave begins six weeks before the birth/calculated date of birth and usually eight weeks after birth; in the case of medically-related premature births and multiple births, twelve weeks after birth. If a women wishes, she can continue to work during the pre-birth phase of maternity leave. She can revoke this decision at any time. However, the employer is not permitted to require a pregnant employee to be available for work during these six weeks. Women are absolutely prohibited from working during the first eight weeks after birth. 

Dismissal from employment is prohibited starting from the beginning of pregnancy until four months after birth. If the mother takes parental leave after the birth of the child, dismissal protection is extended beyond maternity leave until the end of parental leave.    

The Maternity Protection Act does not prescribe any deadlines for notifying employers about pregnancies. However, employers can only fulfil their obligations under the Maternity Protection Act if they have been informed about a pregnancy. 

If medical antenatal appointments are only possible during working hours, the pregnant employee must be granted time for this without any reduction in wages.    

Employers must allow expectant and nursing mothers to lie down and rest during break times and also during working hours if this is necessary due to health reasons. At ASH Berlin you will find areas for resting (laying down) in the first aid and baby changing room (room 323) and in the recreation room for administrative and teaching staff (room 002). 

There is no paternity leave. However, the collective wage agreement for federal employees stipulates one day of paid release from work when the wife gives birth. If the father is not married to the expectant mother of the child, he can take normal holiday.

Parental leave and parental benefit

Employees in all forms of employment at ASH Berlin can apply for parental leave. This includes employees on fixed-term contracts, part-time employees, student employees and trainees. Mothers and fathers are legally entitled to parental leave until their child’s third birthday if they look after their child themselves. Both parents can take parental leave at the same time and each work for up to 30 hours a week. With the agreement of the employer, up to twelve months of parental leave can be transferred to the time between the child’s third and eighth birthday. For example, this enables parents to take care of their child more intensively when starting school.

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