Information Technology Centre

The Computer Centre of ASH Berlin develops and supervises the university’s information and communication network. 

It provides all members of the university – students, lecturers, employees and guests – with all the IT facilities they need for their daily work in studies, teaching, research, further education and administration. 

The IT infrastructure of ASH Berlin includes PC workstations, laptops, printers, servers, networks and network connections, database systems and software. The aim of the Computer Centre is to create, maintain and further develop high-performance information technology that is geared towards the needs of users.  

The Computer Centre, the offices of the IT staff and the PC pool for students are located on the second floor of ASH Berlin in rooms 218 to 228.

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IT Services

The Computer Centre is responsible for aspects such as:

  • Conceptual design and operation of the university’s internal data network and data servers
  • Provision and operation of computer workstations with scanners and printers for students, teaching staff and employees including technical support
  • Administration of the university’s database and facilitating data processing for different user groups
  • Operation and technical support for software to ensure it is available for all members of the university to use
  • Assistance and support for users
  • Provision and technical support for the WiFi network and access points

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Online Help

On the ASH help page of the Computer Centre you can quickly find online information and instructions for using many of the services and software programmes at ASH Berlin. The help page is especially useful outside of our service hours.    

Go to online help web page 

More information and video tutorials you can find on our German web page.

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Usage of the On-campus WiFi

ASH provides Education Roaming (eduroam) to all university members.  Eduroam grants a direct and simple WiFi access at all participating universities and institutions.

Students who are already registered to eduroam can use their network login at ASH, also.

Students who have not yet registered to eduroam can use their internal ASH log-in data to access the network.

You can find step-by-step instructions for each supporting OS here:


setup eduroam


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