PC Pool

The PC pool of the Computer Centre is located in rooms 218 and 219.

The PC pool offers computer workstations with scanners and printers. There are also workstations for people with visual impairments and height-adjustable tables. A total of 44 PC workstations are available for use.


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The Computer Staff offer an introduction to using the ASH computers and electronic course registration system to all new students at the start of their study program me.  The most important information you will find here:


  • Each semester, students receive printing credit in the amount of 7.50 euros (250 sheets B&W or 50 sheets in colour)
  • Once the credit has been used up, you will need to go to the General Administration department (Allgemeine Verwaltung, room 344). (Costs: 3 cents per B&W page/15 cents per colour page)
  • You can save up your printing allowance over several semesters 
  • Any unused printing credit will expire at the end of your study programme

Note: Credit for erroneous printing will only be granted in exceptional cases (technical errors, e.g. in billing). Empty toner cartridges and unwanted printer settings do not count as technical errors. Especially before printing large documents, we recommend that you check the current settings of the printer. It might be that standard settings were not used for the previous print job and will still be active for the next print job. We also recommend printing one or more test pages first. You can then check these pages for quality and format. This will enable you to correct any unwanted printer settings before printing large numbers of pages and empty toner cartridges can be changed by the tutors.

WiFi access at ASH Berlin

Since winter semester 2016/17, Education Roaming (eduroam) has been available at ASH Berlin to all members of the university. Via eduroam, you can receive direct and simple Internet access at all locations of participating universities and institutions.

Students who are already registered with eduroam can use this directly at ASH Berlin. Students who are not yet using eduroam can register with their ASH user ID.  Step-by-step instructions for different operating systems can be found here: Instructions for other operating systems are available on the online help pages of the Computer Centre.

Room availability

 You can check when the two PC work rooms are blocked for lectures in the weekly overview in the course catalogue:

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