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The booking system is only available in German. A proof of vaccination or recovery or a negative Corona test result is required to enter the university. More information here.

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Using the library

Please note the general information for registration the library and using the Campuscard at the library. By sending us your personal information, you agree to the processing of this information for the purpose of using the services of the Alice Salomon University Library. Please read our information on data processing. Please black out irrelevant information in the documents you send to us.

For ASH students who already have the ASH-Campuscard but are not registered in the library yet, we will create a library account and activate the ASH-Campuscard for library use. Send an email to bibliothek@ with the following information:

  • Scan/photo of your ASH-Campuscard (front and back)
  • address
  • study programm

ASH students who already have both the ASH-Campuscard and a library card can have their library account converted to the ASH-Campuscard (the library card will be no longer valid and can be disposed of). Contact us within the library or send an email to bibliothek@ with the following information:

  • Scan/photo of your ASH-Campuscard (front and back).

Teachers, researchers, administrative staff of ASH and external users can obtain a library card as follows: send an email to bibliothek@ with the following information:

  • address
  • date of birth
  • other members of the ASH: proof of affiliation (if you are not listed under persons A-Z yet)

If you have another university's Campuscard you cannot use it in the ASH library.

By the winter semester 2021/2022, all ASH students will receive the Campuscard. If you have not been asked to pick up your Campuscard yet , you will receive notification after re-registration for the winter semester. General information about the Campuscard can be found on the university's website in the section Student Administration Service (Studierendenverwaltung), subsection Campuscard (only in German).

In future you will be able to use your Campuscard in order to borrow media from the library and to access the electronic resources via remote access (for ASH members only). The Campuscard will replace the conventional ASH library card. 

Therefore you must have a library account created or have your existing library account converted to the Campuscard. More information can be found under Apply for a Library Card / Activate Campuscard

The lending of media requires registration in the ASH library and is done using the library card at the lending desk or self-service checkout machine. The lending conditions for the different user groups are regulated as follows:

Students (direct studies) 
lending period (open days): 20
possible renewals: 2

Outside users
lending period (open days): 20
possible renewals: 2

Remote, online studies
lending period (open days): 60
possible renewals: 1

lending period (open days): 130
possible renewals: 1

ASH employees
lending period (open days): 130
possible renewals: 1

Renewals must obviously be done through the user account. If another user has reserved a medium that has been loaned out, it cannot be renewed.

The following media cannot be lent out:

  • ASH theses
  • reference books
  • books with the yellow sticker "Präsenzbestand" (Reference Copy)
  • periodicals
  • bound newspapers
  • DVDs / Videos
  • loose-leaf editions
  • directories

Special lending periods

Students at the ASH can be given a one-time lending period of up to 3 months during the final phase of their studies upon request. This cannot be subsequently renewed independently.

Special lending periods cannot be given by the self-service checkout machine. Please consult a library staff at the lending desk.

Disabled users

Seriously disabled users can be given a lending period of 6 months after presenting their disabled person’s pass.

The returns box­ inside the library is located to the left of the lift and allows you to return loaned items quickly if there are long queues at the lending desk. 

Outside the library there is a return machine which is available during university opening hours. You will find it in the entrance area to the university, across from the porter. 

You can also return books by post. The library’s address can be found under Contact.


Please also use the online extension service. 

See the Library A-Z section for more information about using the library.

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Library services

We invite you to use the many other services offered by the library. Send us your acquisition requests, take a look at your professors’ reserve shelf, and learn about the introductory courses and search assistance we offer.

To send us your acquisition request, click on "Anschaffungswunsch (Acquisition request)" in the right column of the OPAC start page.

Before making an acquisition request, please check the OPAC to see whether the desired title already exists in our holdings.

For teachers, it is prudent to check whether the required literature for a course is already available. If necessary, please provide us well in advance with a list of new titles to be acquired that should be available in the library in the interests of the students.

If a title is already available in the library and you feel other copies or a new edition should be acquired, please mark the library call number and desired number of duplicate or new copies that should be ordered.

An item’s processing status can be followed in the OPAC as soon as it is ordered by the acquisitions department, i.e. before it is available for use in the library. The following are some examples of order status informatioen: "bestellt beim Lieferanten (Ordered from supplier)", "im Geschäftsgang (in progress)".

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send personal messages concerning purchase decisions and receipt of publications.

Books that have been delivered but remain unprocessed are referred to as "im Geschäftsgang (in progress)" and are given the (temporary) call number GG ... At this point, such a title can be reserved via your user account without charge. This will prioritise the title’s processing.

ASH Berlin administrative staff may order books for their office that they need as work materials. Please indicate this when ordering.

Thank you for your acquisition suggestion!

The reference management software Citavi 6 is available to all members of ASH Berlin as a full version campus licence. 

Students: Citavi 6 is installed on all computers in the Computer Pool (room 218 and room 219) and in the reading room of the library. If you have your own ASH Berlin email address, you can obtain licence for your personal computer at If not, please contact the staff at the lending desk for a Citavi licence.

Other members of the university: Please contact the IT service of the Computer Centre if you need Citavi on your desktop at ASH Berlin. You can use Citavi on your personal computer as well – to receive the necessary licence go to

The library offers an "Introduction to Citavi" for groups of 5 to 25 students. For more information please see "Library services" -> "Training".

alicOpen, the institutional repository (Publikationsserver) of ASH Berlin presents various publications by university members, such as essays, documentation of research and projects, outstanding degree theses by students as well as selected documents with reference to ASH Berlin. 


Via remote access, members of the university who are registered with the library can use licensed e-books, e-journals and databases outside of the university network. Remote access is unfortunately not available to external users due to licensing reasons.    

Click here for remote access

Disclaimer: The library offers licensed content to its users solely for the purposes of their personal academic use. Users are not permitted to pass on contents either wholly or in part in digital form (e.g. electronic data storage media), by remote data transfer or in analogue form (e.g. paper copies). Copying licensed content or parts of licensed content for the purposes of distribution (including via the Internet) or distributing it (whether commercially or free of charge) is not permitted. Any translation, editing or other revision of licensed content or parts of licensed content is prohibited. The use of robot systems, spiders and crawlers and other automatic downloading programmes for the purposes of systematic and automatic searching, indexing or accessing licensed content is not allowed.

During the semester, a selection of relevant literature can be assembled for a course and/or seminar at the request of the (assistant) lecturer. The books on this reserve shelf are not available for loan and can be viewed in the library by course participants at any time.

Following a recent change, the item’s call number now has a link in the OPAC (online catalogue). This allows you to search to see if other copies exist in the open-access holdings in addition to the present item. To open the links, you may need to adjust the security settings of your PDF viewer.

Location: reading room

Note for (assistant) lecturers: Please observe the rules for the reserve shelves.

Reserve shelf 
WiSe 2018/2019:

HA 001 Fr. Gahleitner.pdf
HA 002 Fr. Josties.pdf
HA 003 Hr. Hensen.pdf
HA 004 Hr. Hensen.pdf
HA 005 Fr. Bongk.pdf

HA 006 Fr. Koebsell.pdf
HA 008 Fr. Enders.pdf
HA 009 Fr. Wesenberg.pdf

HA 010 Fr. Schmude. Hr. Verch.pdf
HA 012 Fr. Schmude.pdf
HA 013 Fr. Schmude.pdf
HA 014 Fr. Borde. Fr. Abels.pdf
HA 015 Hr. Hellbach.pdf
HA 016 Hr. Robinet.pdf
HA 017 Fr. Hansjürgens.pdf
HA 019 Fr. Malmedie.pdf
HA 020 Hr. Erhart.pdf
HA 022 Fr. Dreyer.pdf
HA 023 Fr. Hanshürgens.pdf
HA 025 Fr. Dreyer.pdf
HA 026 Fr. Thoma.pdf
HA 027 Fr. Smykalla.pdf
HA 028 Fr. Winkler.pdf
HA 029 Fr. Smykalla.pdf
HA 030 Fr. Smykalla.pdf
HA 031 Fr. Smykalla.pdf
HA 032 Hr. Langa Herrero.pdf
HA 033 Hr. Reiß.pdf
HA 058 Fr. Dech.pdf
HA 059 Fr. Völter.pdf


Regulation for reserve shelves:

  1. One reserve shelf can be set up per seminar/project/lecture and semester.
  2. Each reserve shelf is kept for one semester and is deleted in the subsequent non-teaching period.
  3. An extension of the schedule is possible by agreement with the library if this is requested 14 days before the semester’s end at the latest.
  4. A maximum of 15 books from the library holdings are allowed per reserve shelf.
  5. Point 4 does not apply to the library’s journals, periodicals and AV media.
  6. The existing required reading for the semester is not included on the lecturer´s reserve shelf.
  7. Please send the literature list (HA 000-Vorlage.odt) with the required books and information about the author, title, year of publication and ASH Berlin library call numbers to bibliothek@
  8. If possible, please send new acquisition requests for reserve shelves to erwerbung@

For members of the university we offer extensive individual instruction in literature searches focussing on a topic of your choosing. 

Further information

Due to Corona the ASH Berlin library offers online trainings via Zoom for members of the ASH university:

  • Introduction to the library and OPAC research
  • Introduction to systematic literature research
  • Introduction to the reference management software "Citavi"

Usually the trainings take place during the orientation days or within certain modules. The online trainings can be booked by teaching staff via email: schulungen.bibliothek@ The duration depends on the type of training and arrangement and can last up to two hours. 

The library offers introduction to the reference management software "Citavi" for groups (also upon requests from students).

NEW: The library offers open online trainings once a month:

The offer is primarily aimed at ASH students who are unable to participate the orientation days events or library trainings offered within certain modules. Other interested persons can also participate the open online trainings.

Please select the desired event below and then register for one of the available dates.

Please note that a training course will only take place with a minimum of 5 participants. If a scheduled training will not take place, you will be informed by e-mail.

Bibliothekseinführung und OPAC-Schulung (ger.)

Einführung in die systematische Literaturrecherche (ger.)

The library also provides training materials on various topics:

training materials


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