Student Service Centre

Study Administration and Advice

The Student Service Centre consists of different work groups and offices and is closely interlinked with the management of the study programmes.

The contact persons for each work group will support you throughout your studies at ASH Berlin – from enrolment to organising your studies through to your final examinations and after graduation. They will provide you with guidance, support, information and advice.

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Student Advisory Service


Anna Kuhlage

Allgemeine Studienberatung

Room No. 329

Aktuell werden keine persönlichen Sprechzeiten angeboten, die ASH ist geschlossen. Bitte melden Sie sich mit Ihrem Anliegen per Email - gern können wir einen Telefontermin auch außerhalb der telefonischen Sprechzeit ausmachen.

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Accreditation Officer


  • Accreditation process for externally acquired credits

M.Sc. Kathrin Knuth


Room No. G010

ASH Berlin
z.Hd. Anrechnungsbeauftragte
Alice-Salomon-Platz 5
12627 Berlin

Kathrin Knuth

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Enrolment Office

Services for Applicants

  • Advice on the admission procedure for the Bachelor´s programmes in Social Work, Healthcare and Nursing Management, Early Childhood Education, Physiotherapy/ Occupational Therapy and the consecutive Master´s programmes  in Practical Research in Social Work and Early Education and Management and Quality Development in the Health Sector.
  • Information about pre-training internships (Social Work, Early Childhood Education)
  • Processing of hardship cases
  • Advice for second degree applicants and study programme tranfers.
  • Enrolment of guest listeners and guest students

Services for students

  • Re-registration
  • Semester enrolment fees
  • Forms and certificates
  • Academic leave of absence
  • BAföG applications
  • Chance of personal data
  • Deregistration

 Services for graduates

  • Certificate of duration of studies

Contact hours

Tuesday: 2 – 4 pm
Thursday: 10 am – 12 pm

Contact hours by phone (030/992 45 325):

Monday, Thursday: 1 – 2 pm

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Teaching Office


Contact hours

Tuesday: 2 – 4 pmThursday: 10 am – 12 pm

Contact hours by phone:

Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am – 12 pm

Stephanie Bohmeyer


Room No. 343

T +49 30 99245 316

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Practical Experience Office


  • Advice for students on all areas of internships and training supervision for the study programmes Social Work (BA), Early Childhood Education (BA) and Healthcare and Nursing Management (BSc.)
  • Networking and cooperation partnerships with the practice institutions
  • Coordination and organisation of events with practical relevance

Contact Practical Experience Office

E-Mail: praxisamt@

Steven Bork


Room No. 350 B

Bitte beachten Sie die telefonischen Sprechzeiten des Praxisamts!

T +49 30 99 245 326

Portrait von Steven Bork

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Examinations Office

The Examinations Office works in close coordination with Examination Board of ASH Berlin  on all examination matters regarding the Bachelor’s and the consecutive Master’s programmes (except MA Public Health):

Contact Persons

Claudia Haase


Room No. 330

Telefonische Erreichbarkeit: Di 14-16 Uhr, Do 10-12 Uhr

T +49 30 99245361

Yvonne Hirsch


Room No. 330

Telefonische Erreichbarkeit: Di 14-16 Uhr und Do 10-12 Uhr

tel:+49 30 99245359

Martina Schwandt


Room No. 331

Telefonische Erreichbarkeit: Di 14-16 Uhr und Do 10-12 Uhr

T +49 30 99245369

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Framework Regulations

Karina Keil

Room No. 324

- Satzungsangelegenheiten
- Kontaktstelle Prüfungsausschuss
- Prüfungsrechtliche Angelegenheiten
- Datenschutzbelange

Sprechzeiten nach Vereinbarung

T +49 30 99245324

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