Social Work ‘BASA-online’ B.A.

„BASA-online“ – degree programme for employed students, correspondence course

The Internet-based degree programme in social work for students who are working in their profession.

  • The multi-media part-time correspondence degree programme (20 to 25 hours per week) enables students to work on their degree while also working in their profession, with advice and supervision by ASH Berlin, independent of location and time.

  • The programme is designed so that the student can reflect on her/his professional practice during the course.

  • The programme is based on the use of multimedia learning technologies and thus students also receive training in the professional use of new information and communication technologies, which will become increasingly important in the modern workplace of social workers.

  • This correspondence degree programme emphasises the aspect of self-directed learning, and thus in the process of studying, students also acquire an important component of a key qualification of modern social work. 


The Internet-based correspondence course Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (‘BASA-online’) is offered  and run in partnership with the Fachhochschulen (universities of applied sciences) Fulda, Potsdam, Münster, Koblenz, and the Hochschulen München and RheinMain, in cooperation with the correspondence degree programme agencies HDL and the Zentrale für Fernstudien an Fachhochschulen (ZFH).

Target Group

  • later qualification for people working in the social field without a formal qualification
  • higher qualification for people working in the social field (with a qualification below the level of a degree)
  • improve chances of re-entering the employment market after family phase.

The study programme is not designed for

  • People who are new to the field of social work or who have a different professional background and wish to transfer to this field of work and do not have any relevant work experience (minimum experience required: 1.5 years).

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