Music workshop

The music workshop (room 102) is used for seminars, with focus on "Culture, Aesthetics, Media". In addition, it is available to all university members as a workshop for rehearsals and group and project work. The music workshop is equipped with complete band equipment, a grand piano, marimbas, acoustic guitars, ukuleles, saz, darabukas, djembés, congas, various percussion instruments and recording equipment.

Current note (as of October 2021): Due to hygiene regulations caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, the use of the music workshop is currently only possible for a maximum of 15 people and is very limited outside of courses. Furthermore, it is possible to borrow musical instruments and sound equipment for courses and internships. For this purpose, a loan contract is concluded with the tutor.


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Room requests, rental of musical instruments and sound equipment:
Music tutor Lennard Fleischmann:

E-mail: musik@

Concept and direction: Prof. Dr. Elke Josties

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