Music workshop

The music workshop (room 102) is mainly used for seminars focussing on “Culture, aesthetics, media” in social work and as a rehearsal space for the ASH Berlin choir, “Singin’ Alice”. The workshop is also available to all university members as a workshop for rehearsals and for group work and projects. The music workshop is equipped with a full set of equipment for bands, a grand piano, marimbas, acoustic guitars, ukuleles, saz, darabukas, djembés, congas, various percussion instruments and recording equipment.

You can borrow musical instruments and recording equipment for lectures and practical work. A borrowing agreement will need to be arranged with the tutor. ASH Berlin expressly encourages musical contributions to ASH Berlin events.

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Singin' Alice – the ASH Berlin choir

Have you been singing in a choir for a while? Then you’re welcome keep on singing here!  Not sure if it’s really your thing? Come along and give it a try! Think you can’t sing? Find out whether you can (learn!) with us.

If you’re interested in singing in an ensemble, you’re welcome to join us– whether you’re a seasoned vocalist or completely new to singing. We sing songs in unison and in parts, including choral arrangements, chants and circle songs from all over the world and in different languages. We work together with you on your voice and on your musical abilities and knowledge.

The choir is open to anyone with a connection to ASH Berlin, whether as a student, lecturer or through work in other areas.

The rehearsal schedule can be found on the German web page.

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