ONLINE, Health Digital Salon 2024: IPE transfer into practice

Interprofessional training station - IPE transfer into practice with Birgit Wershofen

Digital Salon 2024: IPE transfer into practice

Online / Zoom

Netzwerk Gesundheit Interprofessionell

This year's Digital Salon events in the "Interprofessional Health" network will focus on the transformation of interprofessionality in practice. How are change processes initiated and shaped in interprofessional practice?

The "Digital Salon" is a product of the "Interprofessional Health" network, which was founded as part of the former HCP project phase and from which the Bachelor's degree course in Interprofessional Healthcare - online emerged. The aim of the Digital Salon is to initiate topic-related interprofessional discourse and exchange under the motto "Participate - Help shape - Take responsibility for the future".

The lecture on the topic of reference therapy - new interprofessional approaches in stroke care by Claudia Pott and Jürgen Langemeyer has been postponed until next year.

Instead, we have been able to win over Ms. Birgit Wershofen, MScN, from the Institute for Didactics and Educational Research in Medicine in Munich. She will give an input on the topic "Interprofessional training station - IPE transfer into practice".

The Digital Salon takes place once a quarter, on Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. Participation is open to network members and interested parties via Zoom.

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Upcoming dates and topics:

19.09.2024 | Interprofessional Competence - Working Collaboratively in Diverse Healthcare Teams | Prof. Dr. Simone van Kampen

28.11.2024 | Transformation of practice - new interprofessional approaches in healthcare practice. Exchange on successful practical examples | NN