International and in solidarity - research into different career paths of international, refugee or exiled academics with the aim of reducing barriers on the way to a professorship at a university of applied sciences in SAGE disciplines

In the second sub-project, ASH Berlin is researching the career paths of exiled, refugee and BiPoC academics and developing targeted measures to recruit them as university professors in the SAGE subjects.

This will bring critical diversity, international perspectives and cooperation even more into the focus of teaching, research and organizational development. Strategies and instruments for personnel development are being developed and tested together with internal university stakeholders and relevant committees. Targeted measures for recruiting and promoting academic staff will help ASH Berlin to better meet the increasingly complex social demands placed on the SAGE professions in a globalized world.

In the second sub-project, ASH Berlin will use targeted measures to integrate refugees, exiles and BiPoC academics at the UAS/HAW nationwide and internationally and to design and implement corresponding career paths and personnel development plans.

Focus professorship

Prof. Dr. Esra Erdem


Research Fellows

Dr. Meral Apak Kaya

Dr. Zafer Yilmaz



Science manager

Müjgan Şenel M.A.


Former colleagues

Daniela Baresch B.A. (Tutorin)

Dr. Sezai Ozan Zeybek (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)