Childcare at ASH Berlin

Childcare is offered for children of all members of ASH Berlin, including students, administrative staff, university lecturers and teaching staff. Children between the age of 6 months and school enrolment can be cared for.   

The childcare is provided by experienced, state-approved educators. The educators study at ASH Berlin and work as student employees in childcare.    

Childcare is provided in the bright rooms of the childcare centre at ASH Berlin (room 112) and there is plenty of space for children to play, romp around, experiment and relax.

The period of supervision is usually one full semester (teaching period). A shorter period of supervision is possible in exceptional cases. A child can be looked after for a maximum of four hours per day. Childcare is open from Monday to Friday.

Childcare at ASH Berlin is merely emergency care. This means that childcare at ASH Berlin cannot replace a daycare (KiTa) place and that the hours of childcare depend on the capacities of the educators. The childcare team tries to support as many parents as possible but cannot cover all seminar times. Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide childcare on individual dates (for example individual block events).

The childcare facilities are free of charge. Donations in kind are welcome.   


In order to guarantee good childcare, it is necessary for the child to get used to childcare environment. The settling in period starts two weeks before the beginning of the teaching period, enabling you to take part in your courses during the first week of lectures. The individual settling in dates are used agreed with the educators on three days a week. You will find out the exact times of the acclimatisation in September when you receive confirmation of your childcare place.

Further information on the introduction process(in German!).

Please note: Acclimatisation is mandatory! Childcare usually does not work without appropriate acclimatisation. Participation in acclimatisation is therefore a prerequisite for your child to be looked after during the semester.

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