Childcare at ASH Berlin

Childcare is available for children of all members of ASH Berlin, i.e. students, administrative staff, lecturers and teaching staff.

It is intended for children aged 6 months to a maximum of 12 years. Childcare is usually provided on a regular semester basis. If needed, care can also be provided on individual dates. Please note that each childcare request requires prior application via registration form by email.

The support offered is generally flexible and demand-oriented, but also depends on the capacities of the support team. It is therefore not always possible to cover all desired dates. If demand is high, priority is always given to children without a KITA place.


We do! Childcare is provided by our team of experienced caregivers.

Our care work takes place in the child-friendly equipped rooms of the childcare center at ASH Berlin (room 112+113) and offers plenty of space to play, romp, try things out and rest.

The period of regular childcare is usually a full semester (lecture period). A shorter care period is possible in exceptional cases. A child may be looked after for a maximum of four hours a day. Childcare is provided from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 7 pm.

Childcare at ASH Berlin is a special and, above all, complementary childcare service for families. This means that childcare cannot replace a KITA and the hours of care depend on the capacities of the childcare staff. The childcare team tries to support as many parents as possible, but cannot always cover all times or needs.

It is generally possible to provide occasional childcare at individual dates, for example if the actual childcare facility is closed or if special events are being attended at the university. In these cases, we also ask for a formal registration and, depending on the age of the child, the willingness for a settling-in period. However, it is also possible to skip the settling-in period of several weeks in consultation with the requesting parents and at our discretion. We will then try to provide care flexibly and within the scope of our capacities.

ASH childcare is free of charge. Donations in kind are gladly accepted.

In order to provide good care, it is necessary for the child to settle in at the childcare center. The familiarization process ideally takes place two weeks prior to the start of the semester so that you can already go to class during the first week of lectures. The settling in appointments usually take place on three dates during a 2-week-period after consultation with the coordinator. The exact times for settling in are agreed two weeks before the start of the semester when the childcare place is confirmed. Each settling-in period is individually tailored to the child and therefore varies in type and scope. Further information about the familiarization process.

PLEASE NOTE: The settling-in period is generally mandatory! Childcare without adequate acclimatization usually works poorly or not at all. Participation in the settling-in period is therefore a prerequisite for ensuring that your child can be well cared for during the semester. This is especially true for very young children under the age of 6. We therefore ask you to be prepared and patient!

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