Student Administration Services

The Student Service Centre of ASH Berlin is responsible for all administrative matters during your studies. Here you’ll find answers to FAQs that might be relevant to you either before or during your Bachelor’s or consecutive Master’s study programme.
Further information can be found on our German web page under “Studierendenverwaltung” (Student Administration Service), including legal aspects.


All information about the ASH-Campuscard, which is at the same time a student ID and a canteen card, as well as a VBB-ticket and a library card.


Before your studies

Unlike "international students", "non-mobile foreign students" are applicants or students who are foreign nationals but who obtained their higher education entrance qualification via the German education system but not from a "Studienkolleg". 

"International students" are applicants or students who are foreign nationals, including from the EU, who obtained their higher education entrance qualification outside of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

If you are already enroled at a higher education institution abroad and would like to spend a semester at ASH Berlin as a visiting student (ERASMUS+), please contact the International Office.

For your application to be considered, you must submit your officially attested original certificates (in the original language) as well as an officially attested copy of the German translation.

Alternatively, you can contact the Senate Department for Education, Youth, and Science Bernhard-Weiß-Straße 6,  D-10178 Berlin-Mitte, Tel.: 030/902275050, to have your foreign qualifications evaluated (general recognition).

Before applying, please find out whether your education certificates from abroad will be recognised by checking via

If you are already enrolled at a higher education institution abroad and would like to spend a semester at ASH Berlin as a visiting student (ERASMUS+), please contact the International Office.

Every study programme has its own application procedure.  You can apply either online or by submitting an application on paper. Forms can be downloaded from the study programmes web pages during the application period.

Programmes with restricted admission have the following deadlines: for an application for the summer semester (programme starts on 1 April every year), the application deadline is 15 January, for the winter semester (programme starts on 1 October), the deadline is 15 July of every year. Special deadlines and dates may apply for individual programmes. 

If you meet the admission requirements, you can separately apply for several programmes.    

All reports, certificates etc. must be submitted as officially attested copies. Please see the information brochures of the individual programmes for which specific documents are required.   

You can deliver your application in person to ASH Berlin (mailbox in front of room 333/334). Alternatively, you can send it by registered mail or enclose a stamped self-addressed postcard which we will post back to you to acknowledge receipt of your application.    

If a pre-training internship is required for your application, it must have been completed by the application deadline (15 January or 15 July). No exceptions will be made.

A hardship cause can be based on family reasons, social and/or health reasons. For details please contact the Enrolment Office.

You can find the current administrative fees and contributions here.

The total number of semesters after acquiring the higher education entrance qualification will be counted. If you were enrolled at another German university, these semesters will be subtracted.    

Due to the high number of applicants, we ask you not to contact us to enquire whether you have been accepted. After the end of the application period, you will be notified by post as soon as possible.    

During your studies

The Student Service Centre consists of various offices covering different functions. An overview with details of all contact persons can be found on the web page.

Enroled students can apply to receive credit for competencies acquired elsewhere for specific modules of their study programme. Students can only apply to have credits counted towards specific modules. 


The accreditation process for further education Master’s programmes is carried out by the programme coordinators of each study programme.

Working in close cooperation with the Examination Board, the Examinations Office deals with all matters concerning examinations, such as checking and administration of exam results, giving advice to students about examination rules, checking that all requirements have been met for the Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis, organising exams (setting dates and deadlines), formally checking applications for the acceptance of external credits and issuing reports and certificates. 

The Examinations Office is responsible for all Bachelor’s and consecutive Master’s programmes. Students of further-education programmes can contact the responsible student coordinator.

Further information can be found in German under "Studierendenverwaltung"