Biographical and creative writing M.A.

Learning how to write, applying this and teaching it to others.

In this study programme you will find out all about your personal writing style. You will learn the educational-didactic skills for leading writing groups and supporting individuals.

We are the first university to offer a Master’s study programme in this field for the German-speaking area. The study programme has been running since 2006 and was successfully re-accredited for the second time in 2015.

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Goals and curriculum

The five-semester part-time graduate programme is for students who already hold their first academic degree. It qualifies graduates to help their clients in the fields of social work, preventative and curative health work, as well as in the fields of professional coaching, supervision, cultural work, adult education, and psychotherapy. This is the first graduate programme in this field in a German-speaking country. Our programme started in 2006, and was successfully re-accredited in 2010. 

Students learn a broad range of creative methods to teach writing, and how to best employ them. It is important that students in the programme reflect on their own biography and writing style, as well as learning didactic skills to guide writing groups as well as individuals. In the field of the didactics of writing, students may develop a research project of their own, and present it in a master’s thesis. 

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Programme structure

The programme is structured by two basic elements: classroom instruction and Internet-based teaching and communication. In two foundational semesters, students learn the fundamentals of biographic and creative writing, and they also develop their own writing competence. During the second or third semester, these competencies are verified in a practical project, preferably in the context of students’ own professional environment.  The third and fourth semester are devoted mainly to honing didactic skills for creative or biographic writing projects and to developing students’ individual writing and working styles. The fifth semester is reserved for the writing of the M.A. thesis. 

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This programme is subject to tuition fees.
Applications can be submitted at any time. 
The language of instruction is German.
For further information please switch to our German website.

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