Interested in applying for the summer semester 2024?

Are you interested in applying for the Master's in Social Work - Critical Diversity and Community Studies program starting from the summer semester (SoSe) 2024? Please revisit this website in November as we will provide information about the upcoming application process, offer application materials, and invite you to informational events. You are also welcome to review the past application process for 2023 below.

Application for the Master's in Social Work - Critical Diversity and Community Studies

This program is designed for university graduates who hold a Bachelor's or Diploma degree with a SAGE profile (Social Work, Health, Education, and Training) or have completed a degree in social, cultural, humanities, business, legal, social, spatial sciences, or a similar program with a focus on power-critical, intersectional, or community-oriented perspectives.

We hope to reach individuals, particularly those who have already been engaged in transformation processes within their academic, activist, civil society, or professional practice and who wish to reflect upon, substantiate, and further develop their practice through active engagement with others.

The Master's program is still relatively new and began with its third cohort of students in 2023. Social work is understood as a Social Change Profession with the goal of breaking down barriers, recognizing diversity, and contributing to greater social justice. This approach is also reflected in the admission and selection process. Applying for the Master's in KriDiCo is different and more comprehensive than some other Master's applications. In the university's own selection process, applicants can earn points for their relevant competencies, qualifications, and experiences. However, this entails a more elaborate application process as you are required to comprehensively demonstrate what you bring to the program.