Advice and guidance for students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and/or mental impairment

On this page you can find information about studying with a disability, chronic illness or mental impairment.

Personal advice and support

If questions, problems or doubts arise before you start your planned study programme or during your studies, we will gladly provide support and advice by telephone, in writing or in a personal meeting. Please arrange an appointment with our barrier-free university representative.

Advice and support services:

  • Confidential advice for prospective students and current students of ASH Berlin
  • Advice for university applicants, for example in hardship cases
  • Support with individual student needs (modified examination and study conditions)
  • Commitment to asserting and protecting the interests of ASH Berlin students with a disability
  • Involvement in planning and implementing building measures and acquiring technical aids

Other support services

The contact persons for each work group will support you throughout your studies at ASH Berlin – from enrolment to organising your studies through to your final examinations and after graduation. They will provide you with guidance, support, information and advice.

Student Service Centre


The barrier-free studies team at studierendenWERK BERLIN advises prospective students and current students with a disability or chronic illness. 


Services include advice on aspects such as:

  • Organising and financing support (care and mobility)
  • Individual situation in daily studies
  • Allocation of integration help (study assistance, technical aids, book money, interpreters for sign language and written text)
  • Dealing with disabilities in studies
  • Transition from studying to working life
  • And many other topics

Contact person for students of ASH Berlin:

Ms. Domrös
Phone: 030 93939-8442

Office hours: Thursday 10 am - 1 pm and by appointment

Das Studierendencenter der ASH Berlin unterstützt und betreut zukünftige und derzeitige Student/-innen vor, während und nach dem gesamten Studium und berät sie zu allen das Studium betreffenden Fragen. Sie können sich zu den offenen Sprechzeiten oder nach Terminvereinbarung anonym, umfangreich und kostenlos zu folgenden Themen beraten lassen:

  • Studienangebot
  • Studiengangswahl/Entscheidungsberatung
  • Bewerbung und Zulassungsbedingungen
  • Studienorganisation
  • Soziale Beratung
  • Studienfinanzierung
  • Studium und Familie/ Job/ chronische Erkrankung/ Beeinträchtigung

Das Studentenwerk Berlin bietet Beratung für Studierende mit Behinderungen oder chronischen Krankheiten. Hier kann jederzeit Beratung und Unterstützung zu allen sozialen Fragen des Studiums in Anspruch genommen werden.
Das Angebot umfasst Beratung zu folgenden Themen:

  • Studienfinanzierung- Finanzierung von StudienhelferInnen
  • notwendige und geeignete Hilfsmittel
  • Wohnungssuche und Vermittlung von Wohnungen
  • Mobilität innerhalb und außerhalb der Hochschule
  • Umgang mit Ämtern und Institutionen
  • Bewältigung persönlicher Probleme und Krisensituationen
  • studentische Interessengruppen

Persönliche Ansprechpartnerin für Studierende der ASH Berlin: 
Inga Bültbrune
Tel.: 030 939 39 - 8442
E-Mail: beh.beratung.f-mehring-pl@

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Special admission to study

Applicants with a disability, chronic illness or mental impairment can apply for special admission to study (hardship application, reduced waiting time, improvement of average grade) if they fulfil certain criteria. This special admission will enable you to study without other selection criteria being taken into account (average grade, waiting semester, points system). For detailed requirements and information on applications, please ask the Enrolment Office of ASH Berlin or the barrier-free university representative.

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contact person for students with Special Needs

The representative for the interests of students with disability, chronic illnesses and/or mental impairment is Kerstin Schulze.