Projekt "alice gesund"

The health promotion of staff and students should be based on the experiences of its members, be reflected in very many areas of the university and be anchored there.  The health of all members at the university, especially in times of change, is of high importance and a valuable asset.  

The Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin is a living environment for students, teaching staff and other employees. The promotion of the health of all members of the university is a focal point in the Leitbild der ASH Berlin.

Project structure from 2020

Due to the challenges of a growing organisation, the university management decided to expand the project and spread it over several shoulders. Active participation and support was obtained from the Techniker Krankenkasse and the AOK Nordost.

The basis of "alice gesund" is a consistently participatory approach. This is structurally anchored in two steering committees with elected representatives of all ASH Berlin member groups and is characterised by an empirically based approach. Among other things, a large-scale student survey is planned. In addition, the popular exercise programme and the team relay race "alice läuft" will be continued.

The participation of the two health insurance companies enables the two steering committees. For the participation and stronger involvement of the students, the Techniker Krankenkasse promotes the establishment of a "Student Health Management" with the aim of a sustainable establishment. While the AOK Nordost will accompany the stabilisation and redesign of the "Company Health Management". The driving forces behind the project are the two steering committees, to which people from all member groups were elected by the Academic Senate at the beginning of 2020.

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Overview of the services and measures carried out in the "alice gesund" project since its inception

Health management has been in place at ASH Berlin since 2008. Many measures and offers, such as the screen in the foyer or the redesign of the refectory, are now an integral part of the university. The exercise and relaxation programme and the exercise room also emerged from the project. The health of university staff is taken into account in many decisions and developments at the university. Here you can find an overview of the activities in the project over the years.


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