Career Service at ASH Berlin

Offering a range of services for the transition from studying to employment and other (academic) career pathways, the Career Service has been supporting students at ASH Berlin for over 12 years.

Key areas of support for career planning include individual career entry guidance and coaching, further study and qualification opportunities (further education programmes, Master’s degree, doctorate) and application advice and coaching.


The Career Service also carries out and evaluates graduate surveys. The results of the studies can be found online on the ASH career planning web pages under the topic heading “Berufsfeldforschung” (occupational field research). Answers to many questions about doctorate opportunities for graduates of universities of applied sciences can also be found there under the topic heading “Promotion” (doctorate). If you need individual guidance or coaching, please contact Mr Lorenz by email to arrange an appointment: karriereplanung@

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Job platform

As the ASH Berlin job platform has been very actively used by employers and students, a new Career Centre recruiting portal with a significantly extended range of functions has recently been introduced. From autumn 2018, in addition to job vacancies, participating companies and employers can present themselves via the Career Service. Special career events can also be set up by us and partner companies. Graduates can create a profile when looking for a job and as a special highlight the new system will also be available as an app for our students and graduates.

Student jobs

Jobs with qualification

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There is an extensive workshop programme on topics relating to career pathways and prospects on the labour market, professionally qualifying skills, career options and soft skills such as leadership, communication and rhetoric. The extended workshop programme covers useful topics relating to start-ups and self-employment (e.g. business plans) in social work, healthcare and education. In addition, the Career Service offers a training programme leading to a quality management certificate as an internal QM officer. Employers are also asked what qualifications they are looking for in graduates in the field social work, healthcare and education.

The workshops are given in German language.

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Alumni network

The “alice in the field” alumni network is also based in the career planning department, promoting exchange and networking between graduates working in professional practice.

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