The work area Intersectional Practice and Transformation (InPuT)

Since 2021, the topics of (gender) equality, anti-discrimination, anti-racism & empowerment, diversity, inclusion, and compatibility and family have been considered together at a central level in a joint work area, developed further, and jointly addressed by a team of experts.

The promotion of intersectional, difference-sensitive perspectives and the dismantling of discriminatory structures are key goals of the department and its staff.

The work area interlocks different offers in the area of structural development, prevention, counseling and further education as well as networking and deepens the conceptual work of the individual topics. From this, the work area continually develops new questions and identifies fields in which intersectional transformation processes are necessary.

A special focus is on the interaction of multidimensional positionalities with references to solidarity as an important node. Within the research area, cooperation is multiperspectival and critical of power.

The research area is scientifically accompanied by Prof. Dr. Nivedita Prasad within the framework of the "Sage SAGE!" focus professorship Equality, Diversity, Antidiscrimination. Close cooperation takes place with the committees of the academic self-administration, the commissions for accessibility as well as anti-discrimination and the Diversity & Social Justice Commission.

In the area of gender equality, we work intersectionally and multiperspectively against discrimination based on gender or gender attributions, for the equality of all genders and especially for the empowerment of women, trans, inter and non-binary persons. This includes, for example, advice on gender issues, support in cases of discrimination and sexual harassment, and the development and implementation of concepts and measures for intersectional gender justice. More information on the area of gender equality can be found here.

ASH Berlin would like to offer all students a study program with as few barriers as possible. For this purpose, there are various (technical) aids, disadvantage compensation and counseling services at our university. You can find more information on the alice-barrier-free page.

ASH Berlin supports all university members in balancing work and other areas of life. It provides assistance in assuming social responsibility for your families. For more information, please visit the Family Office page.

Projects in InPuT

In accordance with the needs that students bring to us directly, we offer various formats for getting to know each other, exchange and learning. Anchoring the empowerment approach at the university is an important instrument for us to strengthen students who are confronted with racist discrimination and to improve the accompanying study conditions. In addition, we advise university employees on how to improve study conditions in a way that is critical of racism. Together with many committed university members, we would like to influence the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences to become as racism-sensitive a place as possible. More information about the project can be found here.

Discrimination, sexualized discrimination, harassment and violence also occur at ASH Berlin. With the anti-discrimination statutes, the university offers opportunities for counseling and for filing a complaint. Support options and a reporting form for incidents can be found here.

The internal organizational development process with a focus on diversity (IOEP) at ASH Berlin aims to structurally anchor anti-racism and inclusion at ASH and to promote power-critical changes. The Diversity Coordinator works together with the steering committee of the project and is available for all questions concerning the process at diversity@

The project "Positioned and Visible" (Positioniert und Sichtbar) develops a protection concept at ASH Berlin for dealing with sexualized discrimination and violence and anti-feminist attacks. More information and opportunities for consultation can be found here.

You can reach the team at

Contact persons

The InPuT team includes:

Beatrice Cobbinah


Room No. 326

Termine nach Vereinbarung per Email über oder

kein Pronomen

We also offer advice in English.

T +49 30 99245-235

Gianna Faust

Administration Office Women's* and Equal Opportunities Officer

Room No. 320

Pronouns she/her

Working hours: Monday to Wednesday

T +49 30 99245-322

Peps Gutsche

Specialist for prevention and intervention in sexualised harassment and violence

Speaker protection concept

Room No. 320

kein Pronomen

T +49 30 99245-321

Elisabeth Keuten

Koordinatorin Diversity

Room No. 320

Pronomen sie/ihr
Arbeitszeiten: Montag bis Mittwoch

T +49 30 992 45-320

Cindy Lautenbach

Representative for students with disabilities, chron. illnesses and mental impairments, initial counsellor in cases of discrimination

Room No. 312

Office hours:

Tuesday 1 to 2.30 p.m.

You are also welcome to make appointments for counselling outside office hours. Please send me an email with your consultation request and your availability. Counselling is possible in person, by phone or online.

T +49 30 99245 283

Cindy Lautenbach

Nina Lawrenz

Women's* and Equal Opportunities Officer, initial counsellor in cases of (sexualised) discrimination and violence

Room No. 322

Pronouns: she/her

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Appointments as needed via or

T +49 30 99245-322

Simone Wibbeke

Deputy Women's* and Equal Opportunities Officer, Speaker for Equal Opportunities

Room No. 322

Pronouns: she/her

Working hours: Monday to Thursday

T +49 30 99245-263

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