University Development

Students and their academic success are at the centre of our quality management and the strategic focus of ASH Berlin. This is guided by the university’s Mission Statement and quality targets. Both of these documents were developed through a participatory, university-wide process.

In addition to ensuring the quality of studies, research and teaching, emphasis is placed on striking a balance between work and other areas of life for all members of the university. The university actively cultivates an environment that enables people to combine family life and work without any hindrances caused by barriers of any kind.

Innovation and quality in studies and teaching

Students are involved in research projects and are given the knowledge and opportunity to conduct independent research to doctoral level. The university strives to increase the percentage of female academics in research and teaching to the employee and student ratios in these fields of work and to ensure the next generation of academics. 

ASH Berlin is committed to creating flexible education pathways and improving the quality of studies and teaching.

Action programmes

  • Accreditation process for externally acquired skills
  • Promotion of innovative teaching concepts
  • Simplified information for schools (ASH macht Schule)
  • Promotion of teaching aimed at students of all study programmes and interdisciplinary teaching
  • Further didactic training for university lecturers

More Information: ASH-IQ (page only available in German)

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Quality management

How should study programmes be designed to provide students with the subject-related and social skills they require for a successful career and scope for personal growth? What conditions need to be created for interdisciplinary research, relevance to practice, international experience, gender equality and a family-friendly environment?

The teaching and administrative staff at ASH Berlin work together to ensure and continually develop the high quality of teaching, research and services at the university.

Action programmes

  • Evaluation of teaching and administration
  • Evaluation of study programmes and practical phases
  • Mission Statement development
  • Accreditation

Evaluation, Quality and Healthcare Management

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Family-friendly university

ASH Berlin supports all members of the university in taking social responsibility for their families. The “family unit” is considered as all of the people that employees and students have a close connection with and with whom they share solidarity and care: relatives, parents, spouses, non-marital and/or same-sex partners, members of patchwork families with biological and non-biological children.

In order to sustainably develop the compatibility of studying, work and family life for students and employees in teaching, research and administration, ASH Berlin successfully underwent auditing from 2007 to 2016 and multiple re-audits to be awarded the “Audited family-friendly university” certificate. Since 2016 ASH Berlin has been a member of the best practice club  „Familie in the university“.

Action programmes

  • Support with studying and working with children
  • “Child-friendly campus”
  • Compatibility of studying/work with caring for family members
  • “Audited family-friendly university” certificate (2007-2016)
  • Member of the best practice club “Family in the university“ (since 2016)

Information on family-friendly support services

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Barrier-free university

ASH Berlin supports people with disabilities, chronic illnesses and/or mental impairment with their studies.

Action programmes

  • Special admission to studying
  • Advice and support services

Further information about barrier-free studying

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Health management

“alice gesund” develops initiatives and concepts for promoting health in the following areas:

  • Study, teaching and work conditions
  • Health-related behaviour of university members
  • Organisation of the university
  • Practical fields of social work, education and health professions
  • Cooperation in teaching, research and practice

Examples of programmes and initiatives

  • Development of the exercise and relaxation programme
  • Intervision (colleague advice)
  • Development of health-friendly management guidelines
  • Further development of internal integration management

Further information on health management

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