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Leaflet "Studying with children" (in German)

Organising your studies

Since 2018, students and interns are subject to the statutory maternity protection. This means that you are exempt from taking exams during the maternity protection periods and that you will be treated with appropriate consideration in terms of attendance requirements. Attendance at examinations during maternity protection periods is possible upon request. If necessary, the examination board will determine further adjustments to the study conditions or examination privileges in individual cases or on the basis of an identified risk.

A guide (in German) to maternity protection including the Maternity Protection Act can be found at this link.


  • Please report your pregnancy as early as possible by presenting your maternity passport and read the maternity protection leaflet carefully.


  • Early notification at the Enrollment Administration (for continuing education programs: program coordination).
  • Consultation with the Student Advisor Service and, if necessary, submission of the "Declaration of voluntary completion of examinations during maternity leave" to the examination administration, if necessary consultation with the Exam Administration
  • Consultation with professors/lecturers concerned

How long:

  • Maternity leave: usually 6 weeks before, 8 weeks after birth
  • Parental leave: from the first day of birth until max. the third year of the child's life


  • As early as possible


Detailed information on parental leave, parental allowance and ElterngeldPlus incl. partnership bonus can be found here.

Should you be/become pregnant during the time you are writing your thesis, then you can extend your processing time upon application if you are officially on maternity leave. Should you wish to take advantage of the maternity leave of six weeks before and eight weeks after the birth, please contact the Student Service Center.

You can find more information on extension reasons here.

Financial support for students with children

The following financial aid options are available for pregnant students and students with families.

Before Birth

Pregnant people are entitled to an additional need supplement if their income does not exceed or only slightly exceeds the standard need rate according to SBG II and if the asset limit is not exceeded (according to § 21 para. 2 SGB II).

Pregnant persons are entitled to benefits for maternity clothing and initial baby equipment if their income does not exceed or only slightly exceeds the standard rate of need according to SBG II (Social Act) and if the asset limit is not exceeded (according to § 24 para. 3 SGB II).

In special emergency situations during pregnancy, the Foundation Help for Families also provides financial assistance.

Also possible: assistance from the Federal Foundation Mother and Child in case of personal or financial distress.

After birth

All parents who do not work or do not work full time (up to 32 hours) are entitled to parental allowance, including students. Studies do not have to be interrupted. The application for parental allowance must be submitted in writing to the residence district Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt). The application form and an information sheet can be found here. Further information:

(Student) Parents residing in Germany are entitled to child benefit. Since January 1, 2023, it amounts to 250€ for each child. The application for child benefit can be made online at the family office of the Federal Employment Agency.

BAföG beneficiaries with children under the age of 14 can apply for a childcare allowance. This amounts to 160 €/month for each child. Here you can find more information about BAföG extension and childcare subsidy.

Students who take care on their own of one child or more are entitled to an additional needs supplement if their income is not or only slightly higher than the standard needs rate according to SBG II and if the asset limit is not exceeded (according to § 21 Abs. 3 SGB II). To apply for the supplement, a complete application for citizen's allowance (Bürgergeld) must be filled out and submitted to the responsible job center.

Students who are on leave due to pregnancy or to care for a young child have the option of applying for citizen's benefits (Bürgergeld). The prerequisite is that the students also meet the eligibility requirements for the citizen's allowance.

Housing allowance is a government subsidy for housing rent under the Housing Allowance Act. It is paid in addition to a low income. Housing allowance can be applied for by students as a family. The application must be submitted by the main tenant to the housing offices or the citizens' offices of the districts. Students need the following forms: rent subsidy application, questionnaire for income determination and questionnaire for students.

Under certain conditions, student parents can apply for social benefits (Sozialgeld) for their child, even if they themselves are not entitled to citizen's benefits (Bürgergeld). Applications for social benefits must be submitted in writing to the locally responsible job center.

The Kuhlmann Foundation grants interest-free graduation loans (5 years term) upon application - also for students with children.

Exemption from participation in the semester ticket

If you are on leave of absence due to pregnancy or childcare, you can be exempted from participating in the semester ticket. To do so, please contact the Enrollment Administration.

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